coaching Services


Mentoriship and coaching is vital to our health and success.     Never be afraid to seek help. We all need it.

Think Tank

Are you serious about going to the next level in your business or personal life? Get your pen, paper, tablet and questions ready to get yourself off the ground, empowered and receive the necessary tools to be stay in charge of your business and your life. Check the next Think Tank Session and sign up. (2 Hour Group coaching session)

One-On-One (Phone)

It's that time to get your questions and apprehensions answered with Sha'Meca Oliver.  For some, it's time to move that great idea to the next level and for others it's time to figure out who you are in the mix of everything that is going on.  Get ready to face the challenge, be open, honest and vulnerable and get excited about building the best you! Prepare your questions in advance so that you can get the most out of your coaching session (1 Hour coaching Session)

Creative Movement

It's all about getting outside of your comfort zone.  Moving from fear to confidence. If your business and your happiness is important to you and you are tired of fading in the background in various areas of your life this coaching session is for you. You're going to leave this class with new energy, a greater perspective and feeling freer. (1.5 hours group movement coaching - dress comfortable)