Focused on Purpose - Ruth is So Darn Awesome!

What if we can tune out the noise and everything and anyone who doesn't understand  our purpose? What if we choose to be so determined to move forward and not return to the things in our past, but only serve and commit to what is confirmed in our hearts to do? During one of my podcast/sound cloud posting I spoke about "Ruth" and the beginning of her story! Man, I've come to love her even more! Her drive, determination and the grit that she had! She defined a virtuous woman. 

Ruth lost her husband and vowed to commit to serving her mother-in-law for the rest of her life. Her mother-in-law tried to convince her to go back to the land she was born to be her family and find love, again. But, Ruth wasn't committed to the familiar.  She was willing to trust the unknown.  She didn't just marry her late husband. She committed  to make everything of his life hers.  I believe she, in some way, knew that in her heart, her predestined purpose and peace was connected to moving forward. Ruth exclaimed that only death would separate her from her mother-in-Law. She willing and wanted to serve the God her mother-in-law, Naomi served.

Wow! Have you ever been so focused to fulfill purpose in your life, that you were willing to die if you couldn't have it? How have ever been so desperate for God's plan for your life that you would serve your way to get it? Man, that's truly a ministry!

Moving forward in her mission to serve her widowed Mother-in-law, Naomi, Ruth had to find a way to build their life from literally, the ground-up, to get to a great level by serving! Ruth worked as a foreigner, picking up the scraps of others in a field where women were treated unfairly. But, she was willing to take the abuse and unethical working conditions just to fulfill purpose. She had to survive! She didn't care about what others thought of her, she didn't despise small beginning and let me tell you she finished BIG! The same field she was working in, was the same field that attracted her blessings to her!  Of course, if you know the story, you know she attracted her "Boaz" (husband). Wow, even he couldn't ignore a woman who knew how to get down, dirty, and grind. He could not look over a woman who could came from a place that should have crushed her, made her empty, but still remained full. I'm sure He knew that's the type of woman that could surely be the one who could build him and keep his kingdom (business) wealthy.

When we are focused on the things that define purpose in our lives, even if it takes putting in work, possible rejection, outcast and embarrassment we will attract our blessing. One of the parts of her story I like, though all of it speaks to me; is when Boaz, heard of Ruth working in his field, he told his workers to purposely drop the "scraps" to make sure she had what she needed. Just when you think you're unnoticed! Just when you think God doesn't see you! He'll allow the what seems like scraps, to be purposefully drop and it will be More Than Enough and Overflow!!! God rewards those who diligently seek Him! I believe Ruth sought God through her serving!

What are you willing to give up, focus on, stay commit to, won't live without, endure embarrassment and rejection just to move and operate in purpose and allow your blessing to meet you!  If you do, I'm sure you'll enter into your wealthy place and you'll never be the same again! 

Sha'Meca OliverComment