Lord Give Me You - Everything Else Can Wait

Sometimes you have to sit back and take time out to just breathe and evaluate where you are at in life. Give the most attention to what you can do, instead of focusing on what you feel you can’t do. Take moments to give yourself a break from all the noise, spoken words and trying to see what “they” are doing. Think about your own successes; instead of giving too much energy to what others are accomplishing.  It is in these moments of stillness that you’ll see, really, what God is saying and doing through you. Let God know that you need Him! Let Him know that you’re willing to let everything else wait. Don’t believe that you must keep going all the time. Sit back and allow God to download a Master’s plan. Rest a little. Your gift never loses its power to make room for you! 

#Building The Best You

Sha'Meca OliverComment