I Was Stuck & Didn't Feel Unstoppable

I just want to take out some time and share with you a little bit about where I came from and what steered my passion and growth.  I want to share why I push so hard to help build the best in others with posts, my newsletters and events.  It’s because, I have had to push so hard to build the best in me.  I know what it feels like to want to win and when people give you minimum information that just barely gets you over the hump; but not enough information to help you get healed or to be successful.  It was as if I were to win, they were going to lose.  Man, this left me struggling for so many years trying to figure out my way to the top.  Not to the top to be famous, but on top of the things in life, especially business related ventures. 

I know what it feels like to be an encourager and as soon as I could not pour out any more, I did not have individuals in my circle to build me.  I know what it is like to feel alone, in a dark place, broken and broke.  But, I also know what it feels like to reach out to God even in those lonely, dark and broken places and see a light.  It is amazing how being in a place where it feels like the end of a road, prayer and desperation to be better begins to breaks chains.  My desperation through tears and petitioning to God, felt as though He lifted me from my sinking place.

I remember one day, crying out to God (I believe I was in my mother’s room), telling God that that I felt lonely, broken and I had no one to help me. I remember having this divine awaking and God showing me His cross and what it represented to Him for me.  It was clear that the vertical piece of wood symbolized His relationship with me. It was our delivery system of supernatural communication and inspiration. The horizontal piece of wood was like His arms stretched out reaching and connecting people with an aligned predestined purpose. It was confirmed that I was not alone.  That was a light bulb , an “aah haa”, moment for me.  That is when I became a mentor who sought mentorship!  I knew that God placed divined purpose in people to help people. And, there is healing in asking people to share their trials and triumphs. So, my prayer changed from telling God I was lonely, to asking God to show me the people who understood my struggles; so that they can heal me with theirs.  If it were not for the women whom unselfishly shared their journey of pain, rejection, desolation and victories, I do not know where I would be today.  They broke chains off of my life and snatched me from a dying place.  So, that is why I do all of the things I do.  My desire is to snatch those who are desperate for change and can’t see their light.  I am here so that you can see your full potential (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically & financially) and live out your worth!  Therefore, you can become unstuck and unstoppable!

Thank you for being on this mission with me.  I pray that I provide content, products and services that will help Build The Best You!  You’re worth it and I want to see you win!

Love and Blessing,

Sha’Meca Latai’ Oliver

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