Plan The Work & Work The Plan

Plan the Work & Work the Plan

Let’s get straight to the point.  There’s a lot of things on our “to do list', but what actually gets done? We say it, we write it down, then other things happen and we never get back to it.  We go week after week , year after year, thinking about all the things we should have, could have and must get done. We even find ourselves upset and sometimes envious of others because of their accomplishments. We wonder, “How did she get that?” or “How can I get that” Well “She” go it because she worked it! And you can, too! However you got to “Plan the Work & Work the Plan”

Come inside my life for just a second:

Every day I have to push myself to keep getting stuff knocked out! (In no specific order) With three kids, a household to maintain, a business, a ministry, a husband and with self-care needs, my schedule can get hectic. And, let me just tell you, their aint not silver spoon in mouth!  I have to wake up before the kids, start my prayer time and then get right to work (emails, posts, study time, phone calls, cleaning, breakfast, etc.) and hopefully, if they don’t wake up in this usual 30 minutes to 1.5 hours window, I can get a quick 5 minute shower.  By the time they wake up, I am usually exhausted, but I can’t sleep because I still have to make sure they eat, bathe and have mommy’s ear for all their creative questions (Mommy, tonight can we watch birds in the sky? Mommy can we play house? Can we build a house? Mommy why does glue stick to the wall?) I’m sure you laughed at that last question, and it was funny to me too.  But, life gets real and when it does, it is not funny at all.  Because, in the midst of trying to get the littlest goal accomplished, it is mostly, always interrupted and it is very frustrating!  However, if you're like me, your daily To Do List, is vital to your future.   So, if you want to get things done, ypu must keep working!

Give yourself a “No More Excuse Policy.”  No More will you leave a project unfinished.  No More will you complain about what you don’t have, because you know that it is possible to have it, if you keep working what you planned.  That’s how people get stuff done.  They Plan the Work & Work The Plan, no matter what comes their way.  Distraction will come.  But, you have a choice to complain about it, blame anybody and everybody or you will use it as fuel to keep moving foward. Remember, this is your life and the success that you want.  Do you want it?

Right now, as I'm typing, I have two kids on my lap (my 6 years old daughter and my 1 year old son; My other son, Snow, is in the bath tub). My daughter wants me to help with reading and my youngest son wants to help me type this post.  He's punching buttons and I'm erasing the errors. No Joking! The Mompreneur's life!

But what keeps me going?

love what I do. I have things to do and I gotta get it done.  Though, it's not easy, I love being a mom, a wife, a minister and a business woman.  I choose not to be mediocre.  I choose to work every single day to experience God’s best in my life. I will cancel plans, events, birthday parties, and even live on a super-tight budget because I’m willing to sacrifice some things to get the necessary outcome I desire. Why?  Sometimes, that is what it takes to win!  And, when I win, that is how I can truly help others to do the same.

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