Don't Settle

Don't accept NO WOODEN NICKELS! That's what my grandmother, Verline Avery, used to say whenever I would leave her house. But, what is a wooden nickel? It can be something different for everyone, but has the same meaning.

I believe a "Wooden Nickel" is anything a person chooses to accept that is less than what they know they deserve or desire.

It can be settling in a relationship, when you know you have standards. It can be people pleasing; caring about other people's opinions and trying to do what they want and it is never what you want to do. Then it leaves you worn out and frustrated. It can even be accepting how people belittle you in a career, and being afraid to trust letting go or positioning yourself for greater. Or, it can be lowering your standards in certain areas of your life because you don't think you deserve better or know you can get better. Sometimes "wooden Nickels" can be when you just exist in the world and never dare to "live" in this world. You just take what life gives you and never give life to the things on the inside of you!

"Wooden Nickels" hinders your growth. It closes the door to opportunities that could better your life. It gives you a false hope.

What "Wooden Nickels" have you accepted?

What are you going to do about it?

It's time to activate your faith.