Empowerment Socks (Customize Your Own)

Empowerment Socks (Customize Your Own)


"Sha'Meca Latai' says everywhere she goes, she walks on fertile ground, so why no let your feet speak who you are! Let Your Feet Say It!" Everywhere you go you are Unstoppable. Order your pair of Unstoppable Socks or customize your own saying. Get some for your Empowerment party, a birthday gift; for dad, for any special occasion or just because! What would you like your socks to say?

Unstoppable Socks:
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These socks can be customized. example:

one sock can say "Dream" & The other sock can say "Big" = Dream Big

One sock can say "#" and the other sock can say "Dad"

one sock can say "She's" and the other can say "Done"