I remember that moment in my life, sitting in my room, alone, needing someone to talk to (nonjudgmental and understanding); feeling like I had no one in my circle to confide in that would understanding what I was going through.  See, I was the person who helped out everyone else.  During that time of harvesting bottled-up pain, I asked myself, " Who will be there to help me and who could handle my truth?"

In the midst of crying, I prayed and the Lord revealed to me that He didn't put me on this earth to handle my issues by myself.  So, I began to seek support from a few women who had journey's of their own. Seeking help allowed me to expose my shame and no longer hiding behind it. It allowed me to become free and stronger.  Their unadulterated truths from their struggles allowed healing to take place. This was life changing. Finally, I experienced the very thing that I helped others receive: peace, potential, strength, confidence and so much more. And, from that moment on, I have tirelessly committed myself to successfully coaching others in various areas of their lives to win and help build the best them!


IMPORTANT: I love managing people lives! I do a lot of things. But, I'm truly a Life Coach! When someone tells me that they are ready to go to the level in their life, career, relationship and they need help, I'm like, "Let's go!" But, one thing I tell people is that, "I can't want what you want more than you want for yourself!" I'm here to help build the best you! But, you have to be ready for the process. You might have to sweat, cry & crawl to get your desired outcome. But, if you want it bad enough, you have to be dedicated, committed and consistent. No if ands or buts. - SLO