Sha’Meca Oliver knows that one of the best ways to lead someone is to, “Live What You Teach.” Her passion and voice to build others stems from her personal time of isolation and rejection. From these experiences, Sha'Meca has learned that women grow and thrive when in a supportive community so she has committed to walking alongside women so that they won't have to "do life" alone. She is a believer, wife and mother of three.... Sha’Meca is the founder of Pneuma Breathe Ministries, whose purpose is to Reach, Train and Transform the lives of others through the wisdom and power of God. She is also the founder of Daughter to Daughter Women Chapters and Mentorship Program. As host of the "Building The Best You" show, Sha'Meca spotlights individuals who've exemplified trials to triumphant living. These testimonies serve to show the next woman that she too can be healed and successful. Her entrepreneurial spirit was cultivated by her parents who encouraged her to always dream, create and pursue. With their support she has inspired many through dance, acting, performing off-broadway and touring internationally. And, in keeping with her passion to build the next woman, she recently authored the book, "Believe You Can", a blueprint for getting started and finishing anything.